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Renew. Progress. Design the Future


Navigating the waves of the VUCA world

The digital world presents companies with a plethora of interesting yet volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous challenges. Whether it's recruiting suitable employees, designing a modern work environment, contemporary leadership, or constantly adapting to changing customer behavior, today's business world demands multifaceted and intelligent solutions to remain competitive.

We are here to assist you in finding and implementing these solutions!


Our Offer

Through our consulting, coaching, and training offerings, we support you with current expertise in the areas of organizational development, personnel development, occupational health management, marketing/sales, and intercultural competence.

Through The Wave Psychologist, we offer you and your employees preventive psychological counseling.

Currently, we are developing another platform with Arealo - Local's Pointsearch. Here, we analyze the local and industry-specific job market together with you and identify potential specialists and executives for your company.

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Why Us

Wir wissen, welchen Wert Arbeit hat, und schätzen die Bedeutung der Menschen, die für Unternehmen arbeiten. Die meisten von uns verbringen einen Großteil ihres Lebens mit beruflichen Tätigkeiten. Da wir Zeit als das kostbarste Gut betrachten, möchten wir dazu beitragen, dass sich Mitarbeiter in Ihrem Unternehmen wohlfühlen und ihre Arbeitszeit als sinnvoll und wertvoll erleben!

Our commitment

With the goal of providing you with the greatest possible benefit, we pursue the aim that our services are characterized by the highest possible level of professional content and exceptional commitment. We provide proven practical tools and share our current knowledge in work, organizational, and economic psychology with you. In doing so, the focus is always on finding individual solutions to your challenges.

Working from Home


Upon request, we provide you with short, free knowledge in the form of 2-minute videos daily. If you would like to initially familiarize yourself with a topic, you can purchase our e-learning courses and learn independently.

Additionally, we present current topics or scientific findings on specific trends live and online during our free digital Kick-Off Weeks.

Following this, or independently of it, you have the opportunity to book live online webinars for yourself or your employees to delve deeper into the presented topics.

Our consulting services can, of course, be booked individually and flexibly.


Location-independent digital

"The past few years have highlighted the advantages of location-independent and digital work methods. Companies and employees save time and costs by choosing digital and location-independent training measures. For this reason, we primarily offer all our services online."

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Our Team

Our team of trainers consists of highly qualified experts in the fields of work, organizational, and economic psychology. Our consultants have numerous additional qualifications, for example in areas such as business administration, clinical and health psychology, data science, engineering, education, psychotherapy, or sales, and are continuously undergoing further training.

With this, our team becomes your tailored partner for all challenges your company faces, where psychology – and thus the experience and behavior of people – is crucial! Furthermore, we support you with expertise, commitment, and based on our code of values, in integrating tools and knowledge related to current trends such as agility, compliance, digitalization, sustainability, new work/new learning, or resilience.

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